Sterile storage & inventory management for OR/CS supplies in hospitals

Hänel Storage Systems has created a unique solution that addresses several challenges of central sterile storage in hospitals. The Hänel Rotomat® has revolutionized the sterile processing department for storage of surgical instruments in the SPD and the OR and is already used in many hospitals across the United States.

Hänel's Rotomat® automated vertical carousel system offers maximum efficiency when it comes to delivering surgical instruments and equipment in the central sterilization room of a hospital. The Hänel Rotomat® system is especially suited for storing anodized aluminum containers containing sterilized surgical instruments. The system holds thousands of individual items in a clearly arranged and protected environment – the right surgical instruments are always ready for retrieval – even in emergencies! The ergonomic work counter makes retrieval very convenient.

Organized storage of reprocessed instruments
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ProServ is one of Germany’s largest and most modern service providers
when it comes to the reprocessing of medical products. The ProServ portfolio includes a wide range of medical support services,
including the cleaning, sterilization and repair of instruments used in
hospitals and clinics.

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Organized surgical instrument storage in the sterile processing department of a hospital is critical to managing the ever-increasing instrument sets required to be stored.

The Hänel Rotomat® system allows surgical instrument trays and other supplies to be ergonomically accessed from automated shelving designed similar to a Ferris wheel. The Rotomat® uses the full room height and stores the surgical trays in an extremely small footprint, saving as much as 80% of the current floor space consumed by wire or metal surgical instrument racks. This saves costs!

Integrated to existing instrument tracking systems, the Rotomat® delivers the requested inventory to an ergonomically correct location for the CS/SPD personnel to easily remove or restock heavy instrument trays. On-hand accuracy is typically over 99%. That saves time!

Advantages of the Hänel Rotomat®

Hänel Storage Systems is proud to be a Professional Partner of HSPA, helping to promote information-sharing and inter-professional education. Hänel recognizes the detail-focused role of CS/SPD professionals in the OR and other critical departments, and is dedicated to promoting the best in healthcare storage for top customer service and quality patient care.