John Muir Medical Center uses Hänel vertical storage in the sterile processing department

At John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, CA, wire carts in the central sterile processing department (SPD) could not supply enough storage capacity to meet increasing demands, but already consumed a large amount of space. Facing a $1.2 million facility expansion, the organization avoided the cost and lost time associated with new construction by turning to Hänel.

The sterile processing department was equipped with 10 new Hänel Rotomat® vertical carousels. By storing vertically, the Hänel Rotomat® utilizes available room height from floor to ceiling. Items are brought to the user, eliminating the need to search the carts spread around the SPD.

Case carts are now picked quickly and accurately each time, with the push of a button. The high density storage of surgical instruments, implants, disposables and other inventory are now stored in 12 Hänel Rotomats® in a state-of-the-art SPD.

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